Sometimes we anticipate your questions!


The Real Deal!

How do you make Reveri so creamy without added sugar or cream?

Since our goal was to create a dessert-like treat that made you feel good while eating it and continue to feel good long after you washed the dishes and put them away, we knew it had to be over the moon creamy. We use soluble dietary fiber (gluten-free from wheat) to give Reveri its rich creamy texture. Did you know that most Americans get less than half of their RDA in dietary fiber. So by providing 30-40% of the RDA of fiber per 4-oz serving, Reveri both increases this important macronutrient to our diet and ensures that its texture will remain rich and creamy.


What’s the deal with fiber?  Why should I care? And what’s soluble dietary fiber?

We want to make sure we are not only giving you culinary bliss, but are doing everything we can to improve wellness, and we think you will care as well once you see the importance of fiber in our diets. Dietary fiber is one of the four key macronutrients that our bodies need to maintain good function. The others are carbohydrates, protein, and fats. Dietary fiber is found only in plants and so most Americans get less than half of the recommended daily amount. Soluble dietary fibers readily dissolve in water and are thereby even more effective than insoluble dietary fibers in helping our bodies to:


By the way, we think you’ll be happy to know that we don’t use any dietary fibers that cause bloating or gas, such as inulin. So go ahead and eat as much as you like!


Is Reveri dairy-free?

Yes, Reveri is dairy-free, meaning it uses absolutely no milk products and contains no lactose or dairy fat. In fact, Reveri uses no animal ingredients, so it’s a vegan product. Also, Reveri doesn’t replace the dairy fats with any other processed fats. Instead, our products contain 1-2% healthy fat, which comes from whole ingredients like avocado, cocoa, and cashews.


Is Reveri GMO-free?

Yes, Reveri is GMO-free. We are in the process of being accredited by the Non-GMO Project to receive our non-GMO certification (you might recognize this as the butterfly logo you see on products). During this certification process, we self-certify that all of our ingredients are certified as non-GMO and that Reveri contains no genetically modified organisms.


How can I get my local store to carry Reveri?

We want nothing more than to be in your local store, so please click on this “Request Us” link to download our request form. It has everything that your market needs to contact us and request our product. If you’d like us to update you on your request, just send us an email to orders@initifood.com and we’ll keep you in the loop.




What are dextrin, lecithin, and pectin?

These compounds are each found in large amounts in various plants such as wheat, rice, sunflower, and apple.  We use dextrin from wheat and pectin from apples in order to provide the nutritional benefit of dietary fiber that many Americans are not getting, and also to help make Reveri creamy and prevent the growth of ice crystals. We use lecithin from sunflower seeds to do what it does in the seeds, to help the vegetable fats bind to water and evenly dissolve and disperse. This helps make Reveri creamy and fluffy and prevents ice crystals from forming, of course making every bite luscious and dreamy.


Why is Reveri so low in calorie?

Reveri is low in calories because we use whole fruits and vegetables as our sources of sugar and fat. We never add purified or processed sugar and fat. So Reveri has the same kind of calorie content as the whole fruit and vegetable ingredients inside. It just isn’t that much!  When you eat whole real food from Mother Nature, calories are your friend!


Why do you call Reveri a “Frozen Dessert” and not an Ice Cream?

By law we can’t call Reveri an ice cream because the product doesn’t use any dairy cream. But it doesn’t stop Reveri from being as delicious and creamy as your favorite ice cream- without the guilt, so much better for you!


What allergens are in Reveri?

Each flavor of Reveri uses a different combination of fruits and vegetables, so please check the ingredients label before consuming. Read ingredients here. There are a few common plants (like Soy) that we tend to stay away from because they are both common allergens and likely GMO. 


Is Reveri pasteurized?

No, Reveri does not need to be pasteurized because it does not contain milk or cream. Good news for Reveri’s naturally intense flavor and high nutritional content. As a precaution, we lab test every batch of Reveri before releasing it to stores. 


How can Reveri be gluten-free if it uses dextrin from wheat?

At Reveri we use third party laboratories to test the levels of gluten in every batch of dextrin that goes into our product and every batch of Reveri that comes out. Based on these results, we self-certify that every batch of Reveri has less than 5ppm of gluten.

The Add-On's!

What does Reveri mean?

Remember the days when we weren’t all locked onto our devices, when we sat staring into space, our thoughts drifting effortlessly, our imaginations blooming. Those were reveries. We all deserve time for reveries. Who knows what will pop into your mind.


Is Reveri organic?

In short, not yet, but you can bet we are eager to be. We’ve used some organic ingredients, but we’ve also had to make choices in our quest to create an affordable, no-sugar-added frozen treat that contains half the sugar of most ice creams, with all the sugars coming from whole fruit. One of those choices was to launch as a small company using conventional fruit. As we grow, our goal will be to convert to organic ingredients, so long as we can do so and still deliver our amazing desserts affordably.


Do you use fresh or frozen fruit to make Reveri?

Frozen. With the exception of a piece of fruit eaten from your own garden, fruit frozen at the peak of ripeness typically contains more nutrients (and flavor!) than fresh fruit that’s been shipped and sitting in the grocery store.


What is the purpose of sunflower lecithin in Reveri?

Lecithin is used by many ice cream makers to help create what we call mouthfeel. We source sunflower rather than soy lecithin to guarantee our lecithin is non-GMO.


How much sugar is in Reveri?

At around 10 grams of sugar per serving, Reveri contains about half the sugar of most super-premium ice creams, and we get all that sugar from the fruit. We use zero added sugar,  syrups like agave or maple, and zero honey to sweeten Reveri.


What does the Carbon Neutral certification mean?

At Reveri, we believe climate change is real, and that every bite of animal-based foods that we each choose to replace with a plant-based alternative will mitigate the damage.

Beyond that, we’ve partnered with CO2Logic to measure and offset our carbon footprint. Our voluntary contribution funds the distribution of efficient cookstoves in Uganda. Have a look here at the many ways this is improving the planet while improving the lives of women in Africa.