The Scoop on Magic

Sweet without added sugars or sweeteners… and only 10 grams of sugar, the same as a small orange. Rich and creamy without a drop of dairy… and only 90 calories. A mouthfeel that’s downright naughty. How do we do it?

After twenty years running her own restaurants, Karen, our chef/founder, purchased a little ice cream machine with a single purpose: create a truly healthy ice cream that did not smack of compromise. She knew a lot about cooking and flavor, but little about the rules of making ice cream, so breaking those rules came naturally: lots of whole foods, no milks or cream, pure water, no salt. 

Months of trial and error, a fatigued blender, and an upgrade to a commercial batch freezer that required an electrician to set up, yielded delicious results. But Karen soon discovered that churning a batch in a test kitchen is one thing. Producing enough to spark a movement is another. When she turned up with boxes of actual food for her first test run in a real ice cream factory, the alarmed owner looked like he was the one who wanted to run. 

Gallons and gallons down the drain later, what eventually flowed from his machines was the magic we were dreaming of, an “ice cream” that we could eat with abandon. Wickedly indulgent, but never sinful.