On a mission to transform how millions of people manage stress, pain, and insomnia.

Reveri is a new digital hypnosis program. It draws on over 40 years of research and clinical experience by psychiatrist Dr. David Spiegel, the world's foremost expert in hypnosis.

Our interactive digital hypnosis exercises help with anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, and smoking addiction.

The Benefits of Reveri Health

Interactive Digital Hypnosis Experience

Experience immediate relief from stress, pain, insomnia, and smoking with interactive digital hypnosis exercises

Feel Relief Anywhere

Enjoy interactive hypnosis  exercises with Stanford expert Dr. David Spiegel drawn from  40+ years of research and clinical experience from anywhere. No medication and for free!

Track Progress

Track your progress, stay motivated, and build new habits to protect your wellbeing.

You can feel a difference in the first session, and will know whether it is likely to be of lasting benefit

Our Team

David Spiegel, MD

Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Advisor Director of the Stanford Center on
Stress & Health

Ariel Poler

Silicon Valley Entrepreneur & Investor

Massimo De Marco

Chief Executive Officer

Edward Tran

Contributing to Product

Melanie Zhou

Contributing to Analytics

Ryan Long

Contributing to Technology

What People Say About Us

"It's really unique. I like how it empowered me to use your imagination to feel better."

Reveri User

"I really loved how it made me feel - creative and a lot better."

Reveri User

"I liked how the Reveri Health program asked me questions. I didn't feel alone with my thoughts."

Reveri User