What if dessert could love you back?

It’s easy to love dessert. Most of us do⎯especially rich, indulgent ice cream. But we always wondered… what if dessert could love you back? Isn’t love supposed to be a two-way street? There had to be a way to create a dessert that tasted amazing while you were eating it, and left you feeling amazing long after. 

Our challenge? Invent a frozen treat that offered up the sweet taste and creamy texture of traditional ice cream while ditching added sugars, sweeteners, animal products, fat, gums. Happier animals and happier humans, and low calorie to boot.

Reveri is crafted with love from ingredients you can find in a grocery store, like water, almond butter, white beans, avocado, raw cacao nibs, and dark cocoa powder. We stay clear of maltodextrin and erythritol. Our lecithin is from sunflower seeds, our pectin from fruit peels and pomace. We use fiber from the root of the tapioca plant for texture, and to slow down the way the sugars from the dates are metabolized in your body. 

And speaking of sugars, we proudly sweeten with whole dates. Not the easiest or cheapest material to work with, but worth it. Delicious, full of natural sugar and fiber to deliver energy in a sustained way. 

And moms and dads, here’s the best part. Kids love Reveri, so go ahead and indulge them, knowing you are providing whole, real food… disguised as ice cream.