We are so excited that you are scooping Reveri in your restaurant or café. 

Plant-based desserts are part of the fastest growing food category today. It’s not just a dessert, it’s a movement, and we want you to profit from scooping Reveri. Below are some assets to help you market Reveri in your restaurant or café. 



What is Reveri Vanilla Almond Blossom?

Reveri Vanilla Almond Blossom is a certified-vegan non-dairy ice cream crafted from whole foods with no added sugars, sweeteners or fats. We like to say it's Whole Food Disguised as Ice Cream.

How is Reveri so versatile?

Reveri is delicious on its own AND it's an amazing ingredient that delivers natural sweetness, creamy mouthfeel, and a neutral color to smoothies, shakes, breakfast bowls, puddings, overnight oats, and more. It's healthy enough to have for breakfast, so scoop it on your whole grain pancakes and waffles, or enjoy topped with your favorite granola.

Tell me what's in Reveri.

We blend whole dates, whole navy beans, whole avocado, almond butter, whole roasted almonds, fiber from tapioca roots and pure vanilla and almond extracts to craft our delicious "ice cream".

So what's Reveri free from?

We're proud to say Reveri is free from: added sugar • sweeteners • gums • wheat, inulin, corn, or soy. Plus, it's low in calories, gluten free, Non-GMO Project certified, and being certified vegan it contains no lactose.

What are the health benefits of Reveri?

Reveri Vanilla Almond Blossom is made from whole real foods. It contains more fiber than whole fruit, only healthy fats from ingredients like avocado and nuts, and is sweetened only with whole dates. Compared to most ice creams, it contains 1/3 the calories and half the sugars [which come 100% from whole fruit!.] Reveri is also gluten-free and paleo friendly.

Why did we invent Reveri?

Reveri was founded in a tiny kitchen in Santa Barbara, California in 2016 and has since become a cult indie brand. We craft Reveri in small batches in Los Angeles and now ship nationwide to restaurants, universities, clubs, and online direct to consumers in pints.

Karen, our chef-founder, grew up cooking under a James Beard-trained chef mom. At twelve, she discovered the benefits of a plant-based, low-sugar diet and has spent her life and career making healthy food taste uncompromisingly delicious. Growing up in New York City, she headed west to UC Santa Barbara in the Golden State of California. After graduation, she hopped across the Pacific Ocean to the little island of Bali, Indonesia, thinking she'd stay a month. That stay stretched to 28 years, during which time she ran her five restaurants and catering company. In 2016, Karen moved back to the US and founded Reveri, putting that lifelong passion for healthy, delicious food into ice cream.

Where can I buy Reveri?

Reveri Vanilla Almond Blossom is shipped in food service tubs to restaurants, universities, gyms and clubs, and scooped into delicious smoothies, bowls, and more at Life Time Fitness cafes nationwide. Pints of Reveri are available online at